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    LIABEL, Making Every Product Unique

    Drawing sliver effect heat shrinkage film label

    short description:

    We can make glorious golden or silver wire drawing?effect.?Different occasions to show a resplendent effect.

    Break through the designer’s restrictions on the use of decorative materials to meet more creative needs.

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    1. We can make glorious golden or silver wire drawing effect. Different occasions to show a resplendent effect.

    2. Break through the designer's restrictions on the use of decorative materials to meet more creative needs.

    3. Good wear resistance (inside printing), protect the effect of imprinting.

    4. The benefits of using heat shrinkable sleeves are twofold. On the one hand, the brand can achieve a full 360° advertising effect on the product packaging. On the other hand, if the appropriate label materials are used, the brand can also achieve a greater degree of recycling and sustainable development.

    5. Heat shrinkable label, because it can use the entire surface of the product packaging to present a variety of shapes and sizes of three-dimensional visual effects, can greatly improve the shelf performance of goods, the market is growing fast, in food and beverage, personal care, high-end spirits, craft beer and other fields of use surge, has become one of the hot applications in the label industry. At present, almost all the markets for the heat shrinkable jacket target demand is increasing substantially. Compared with in-mold labels and self-adhesive label printing, brands are very fond of shrink sleeve labels, which can realize the special performance of 360° design on different shapes of containers, and blank universal containers can also be decorated during product filling, which can reduce some unnecessary risks. Currently, heat shrink sleeve labels have become the focus of brand packaging and marketing.

    6. We are a factory, so we have price advantage than trading company. After price confirmation, you can ask samples to check our quality.

    7. Beautiful label packaging is the best marketing!

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