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    LIABEL, Making Every Product Unique

    Packing labels with good heat shrinkable effect pet petg pvc pof hit ops shrink film for Hair dye bottles

    short description:

    The surface finishing can be glossy or matt laminating, glossy or matt varnishing, gold or sliver cold stamping, other fill lamination?( laser or?rainbow), and embossing, debossing, spot UV etc..

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    1. We export a large amount of heat shrink film to various countries. Shrink film has waterproof , tearproof ,durable, permanent, eco-friendly, reflective, temperature resistance, UV stablished ,and other characteristics etc.
    2. The surface finishing can be glossy or matt laminating, glossy or matt varnishing, gold or sliver cold stamping, other fill lamination ( laser or rainbow), and embossing, debossing, spot UV etc..

    3. Our company focuses on daily cosmetics, beauty and skin care, food and beverage, condiment, wine, health products and medicine and other consumer fields, providing self-adhesive labels, heat-shrinkable film label, heat-transfer film, drip label, anti-counterfeiting label and other products, is an integrated label printing and packaging solution service provider with creative leadership and intelligent manufacturing.

    4. Our technology products, we believe that customers from all over the country will see our professional label packaging intelligence level. At the same time to convey to the country our company to "science and technology to create beauty" product management philosophy, as well as our five big advantages, three big leading! .

    Five big advantages:

    R&D: Strong R&D team, master the label industry leading core technology and application, has a number of national invention patents, vigorously develop innovative products

    Quality: Each batch of products in the production process will be tested step by step, in strict accordance with

    ISO/GMI requires standardized production operations

    Service: All customer satisfaction oriented, with a real and friendly attitude, for customers

    Households to provide comprehensive, intimate and comfortable services

    Capacity: 8 fully automated production lines and a number of advanced imported high-speed machines

    Management: Use ERP systematic and standardized management ideas, accurate, orderly and efficient

    Three big leads:

    Core products: photolithographic gilding heat shrink film, micro-nano texture (photolithographic) heat transfer film, micro-nano

    Texture structure (photolithography) label

    Leading time to market and application of domestic products

    Leading technology and technology

    Leading market share

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